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It was selected as the location of Gyeongsang gamyeong, the Gyeongsang governor's office, 400 years ago.
It still exudes the atmosphere of scholarly fidelity of that time. The focal point of the Gyeongsang region!
Daegu is a transportation center providing easy access to all the major cities of the nation. A green city with eco-friendly features! Sincheon and Geumho River are the waters of life.

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The rivers have well-preserved ecosystems, which are vital for sustainable development. A city with world-class solar energy systems, Daegu focuses on the development of alternative energy sources to achieve a green lifestyle. The enchanting city! The city of vibrant culture! Daegu is developing into a cultural hub of Asia.
Colorful musicals and operas created by Korean artists are capturing the attention of the world.
As the special district of world-class culture, Daegu is emerging as the Mecca of the cultural sector.
Daegu is one of the world's most renowned cities for conventions and exhibitions.

A dynamic mix of events attracts visitors from all over the world. What's more, NEW EXCO is expected to serve as a central point where culture and business meet and create synergy.
Daegu is the city of many opportunities. The global city of knowledge and economy! Daegu's tomorrow is brighter than today. Daegu is a globally recognized special district of education and R&D. International schools and extensive research infrastructure are currently under construction to add to its competitiveness.

The city of advanced medicine! Daegu is shaping a brighter future and advancing Korea's development through investment in the medical industry. The Daegu National Scientific Industrial Complex!
Daegu is always on the cutting edge. It strives to emerge as the center of the global economy through fostering next-generation prime movers. The premier city! Daegu is rapidly growing into a world-class city by hosting a series of global sporting events. Fueled by its success in staging the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2003 Summer Universiade, it delighted the world once again with the IAAF World Championships Daegu in 2011. It is also focusing on building an infrastructure suited for a global city. Global Daegu!
It is ready to take a leap forward now! Daegu is making big strides to realize its dreams.
Daegu is pushing forward with unlimited potential. The city of hope! The world-class city! Come to Daegu!

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