Political Process

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Political processes provide opportunities for heads of state, ministers, parliamentarians and local and regional authorities to actively communicate amongst and between themselves and with stakeholders for increased political will and global awareness for water.
The ministerial process creates agreement for a political statement based on input provided by the thematic, regional and science & technology processes, aiming to increase political awareness for water issues and to support action towards more effective water-related policies.

Operational structure

  • -The first Heads of State Meeting was held at the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, 2006), in which water-scarce nations, countries surrounding the host country and high-level international organizations participated. The organization of this event is led by the Host Country’s authorities, with the support of the World Water Council.
  • -The Ministerial Process is a core part of the political process to adopt a Ministerial Declaration or Statement.
  • -The Parliamentarian Process provides guidance to law-makers on how to improve their country’s legislation and budget allocations for water, while raising awareness. It often produces a statement from Parliamentarians at the World Water Forum.
  • -The Local and Regional Authorities Process seeks to improve water and sanitation provision at the local level through the involvement of mayors and regional elected officials in the World Water Forum. This has been accomplished in the past, notably through declared support for the Istanbul Water Consensus. The Local and Regional Authorities also often issue statements during the World Water Forum.