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  • france flag
  • 6th 2012
  • France / Marseille Participants: 173 countries (About 34,000 entries)
  • Time for solutions

6th World Water Forum(Marseille, 2012)detail view

-Host: Marseille,France
-Dates: 12-17 March 2012
-Participants: About 34,000 entries from 173 countries
-Theme: Time for Solutions
Structure: 12 priority issues based and 3 conditions of success in over 400 sessions and events
  • ※ Strategic Directions
  • -Ensure Everyone’s Well-Being
  • -Contribute to Economic Development
  • -Keep the Planet Blue
  • -Conditions for Success
bullSome Key Achievements
-Collected over 1,400 solutions using the online "Platform of Solutions"
-Adopted a Ministerial Statement
·145 countries (15 heads of states and 112 high level officials (ministers and vice-ministers)
·Furthered the implementation of the basic human rights to water and sanitation to secure human welfare and health.
·Developed consistent policy recommendations covering water security, energy, food and the functions of water-related ecosystems
·Linkages were made with the Rio +20 Summit in June 2012.
  • turkey flag
  • 5th 2009
  • Turkey / Istanbul Participants: 192 countries (About 33,000 entries)
  • Bridging Divides for Water

5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, 2009)detail view

-Host: Turkey Istanbul
-Dates: 16-22 March 2009
-Participants: About 33,000 entries from 192 countries
-Theme: Bridging Divides for Water
Structure: 6 themes and 23 topics in 111 sessions.
  • ※ Themes
  • -Global Changes & Risk Management
  • -Governance and Management
  • -Advancing Human Development and the MDGs
  • -Finance
  • -Managing and Protecting Water Resources and their Supply Systems to Meet Human and Environmental Needs
  • -Education, Knowledge and Capacity Building
bullSome Key Achievements
-Istanbul Declaration of Heads of States on Water: The first appeal in World Water Forum history made by Heads of State to encourage greater actions
-Istanbul Water Consensus: 250 local authorities from 43 countries committed themselves to improving their local water and sanitation delivery plans and services. Over 1000 signatures were collected by the time of the 6th World Water Forum.
  • mexico flag
  • 4th 2006
  • Mexico / Mexico City Participants: 168 countries (About 19,700 entries)
  • Local Actions for a Global Challenge

4th World Water Forum (Mexico City, 2006)detail view

-Host: Mexico City, Mexico
-Dates: 16~22 March 2006
-Participants: About 20,000 entries from 168 countries
-Theme: Local Actions for a Global Challenge
Structure: Top 5 water-related global challenges determined through large advisory meeting:
  • ※ Framework Themes
  • mexico
  • -Water for Growth and Development
  • -Implementation of IWRM
  • -Water and Sanitation for All
  • -Water for Food and the Environment
  • -Risk Management
bullSome Key Achievements
-Ministerial Declaration : highlights water and sanitation issues as a top priority in the political agenda for national policy to support sustainable economic development and to reduce poverty.
  • japan flag
  • 3rd 2003
  • Japan / Kyoto, Shiga, Osaka Participants: 183 countries (About 24,000 entries)
  • A Forum with a Difference

3rd World Water Forum (Kyoto, 2003)

-Host: Kyoto/Shiga/Osaka, Japan
-Dates: 16-23 March 2003
-Participants: About 24,000 entries from 183 countries
-Theme: A Forum with a Difference
Structure: 18 global water topics resulting in 351 sessions
  • ※ Themes
    • -Water and Poverty
    • -Water for Peace
    • -Water and Governance
    • -IWRM & Basin Management
    • -Water, Food and Environment
    • -Water and Climate
    • -Water and Cities
    • -Water Supply, Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Pollution
    • -Water, Nature and Environment
    • -Agriculture, Food and Water
    • -Water, Education and Capacity Building
    • -Floods
    • -Water and Energy
    • -Water and Cultural Diversity
    • -Groundwater
    • -Water and Information
    • -Financing Water Infrastructure
    • -Water and Transport
bullSome Key Achievements
-Submitted a key result, "Water-G8 Action Plan" to the G8 Summit held in Evian, France in June 2003.
-Kyoto Ministerial Declaration, proclaiming water as the most decisive factor driving sustainable growth, including environmental conservation and poverty reduction, which are indispensible to the health and welfare of human beings, while highlighting good governance and capacity building.
  • neth flag
  • 2nd 2000
  • Netherlands / The Hague Participants: 114 countries (About 5,700 entries)
  • From Vision to Action

2nd World Water Forum (The Hague, 2000)

-Host: The Hague, Netherlands
-Dates: 17-22 March 2000
-Participants: About 5,700 entries from 114 countries
-Theme: From Vision to Action
Structure: A multiple sectoral and regional approach highlighted the following major issues
  • -Regional agenda: The Rhine, the Mediterranean, South-East Asia, West Africa
  • -Usage agenda: Agricultural, moving rivers, groundwater, rainwater
  • -Thematic agenda: Urban design, energy, ethics, and economics
  • -Social group-specific agenda: Women, youth, NGOs, CEO, Children's
bullSome Key Achievements
-The World Water Vision
-The "Ministerial Declaration of The Hague" was adopted by 114 ministerial personnel
  • morocco flag
  • 1st 1997
  • Morocco / Marrakech Participants: 63 countries (About 500 entries)
  • Vision for Water, Life and the Environment

1st World Water Forum (Marrakesh, 1997)

-Host: Marrakech, Morocco
-Dates: 1997
-Participants: About 500 entries from 63 countries
-Theme: Vision for Water, Life and the Environment
bullSome Key Achievements
-The World Water Council presented a vision for water, life, and the environment for the 21st Century
-The "Marrakesh Declaration" adopted in which there was:
·Recognition of the basic human need for clean and safe water and sanitation
·Encouragements for building an effective system to manage public water
·Provisions for the protection of ecosystems, water-efficient propulsion and support for gender equality
·Promotion of multi-stakeholder cooperation between government and civil society