20 Best & Healthiest Bottled Water Brands [Reviewed 2022]

‘Water is odorless and tasteless’ was the biggest lie you were told in school because if you have ever drunk bottled water before, you know that not all water tastes the same! Take a look at the 20 best and healthiest bottled water brands that you can choose to buy today.

Healthiest Bottled Water

Bottled water can affect your health in different ways because of two factors, where the water is sourced from and what is added to the water in the manufacturing process. The source of every bottled water is different and carries different minerals and properties, plus during the process of bottling, there may be chemicals added to the water to make it safe to drink and eliminate bacteria.

20 Best & Healthiest Bottled Water Brands Reviewed

1. Essentia Bottled Water


Essentia water is also purified to 99.9% and maintains a pH level of 9.5 or higher, however, that does not mean that the water tastes bitter. The brand takes care to remove the acidic ions that contribute to that, leaving a smooth and refreshing taste.

  • It is purified to 99.9% purity.
  • It is infused with electrolytes.
  • It has a pH level of 9.5 or higher.
  • You can buy the water in packs of 12 of 1.25 liters or 3381 ounces.

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2. Fiji Natural Artesian Water


Fiji water is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock in a slow natural process. This is also the reason why Fiji water is naturally infused with electrolytes that are very beneficial for your health. The pH level of the water is 7.7 as it is filtered through volcanic rock.

  • No added ingredients or chemicals.
  • It comes in easy-to-carry 500 milliliters bottles.
  • It has double the number of electrolytes.
  • It is difficult to find it in larger bottle sizes.

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3. Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water


The water is sourced from a natural spring in Italy which gives it a unique distinction of being a top pick for use in cooking. Another point in its favor is that the Acqua Panna water bottles are all made from BPA-free plastic.

No other ingredients or chemicals are added to the water during the bottling process. This gives the bottled water a unique yet very refreshing taste that is very easy to drink.

  • It is completely natural spring water.
  • There are no other ingredients added to it.
  • It is imported from Italy.
  • Has the signature taste of natural spring water.

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4. Evian Natural Spring Water


Evian combines the benefits of mineral water and spring water in one delicious package, as it is naturally mineral-rich water from a spring with a natural pH balance of 7.2.

It has electrolytes as well from the natural filtering of the spring. The spring from where the water is sourced is located in the French Alps and the bottles are made of 35% recycled plastic materials.

  • Natural mineral water from a spring.
  • Comes in a variety of bottle sizes.
  • A natural pH balance of 7.2.

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5. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water


Sourced directly from the Olfus Spring in Iceland, this bottled water has a pH balance of 8.4 and is alkaline water. It has a low mineral content which gives it a naturally great taste. It is also certified as CarbonNeutral for both the operation and product and is the first bottled water to have this certification.

  • Comes in a variety of bottle sizes.
  • Has different flavors and sparkling versions.
  • Sourced directly from the Icelandic spring.
  • pH levels may be too high for some people.

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6. Perfect Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Water


Perfect Hydration has that name for good reason, as it is a healthy bottled water that has a pH level of 9.5 for maximum benefits. The water is purified through nine different filtration levels and has added electrolytes to help you stay healthy and hydrated. No other ingredients or chemicals are added to the water at any stage of the bottling process.

  • Has a perfect pH level of 9.5.
  • Contains added electrolytes for an active lifestyle.
  • Purified through nine filtration stages.

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7. Smartwater Vapor Distilled Water


What sets SmartWater apart and makes it one of the healthiest bottled waters in the market is its unique purification process that uses vapor distillation to make the water as pure as possible.

The bottled water also has added electrolytes for added hydration and is infused with a unique blend of magnesium, calcium and potassium for added health benefits. It has no added calories, sugar, or coloring.

  • The water is vapor distilled for purity.
  • Has added magnesium, calcium and potassium.
  • All bottles are recyclable.

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8. Poland Spring Origin Natural Spring Water


Poland Spring Origin bottled water is sourced from a spring nestled in the woods of Poland in the state of Maine. It is 100% natural spring water that has naturally occurring electrolytes because it is also filtered naturally through the glacial sands present in the spring. The delicious and healthy water is also good for the planet as it comes in recyclable plastic bottles.

  • It is 100% natural spring water.
  • Water is filtered naturally by glacial sands.
  • The bottles are recyclable.

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9. VOSS Still Water


This healthy and refreshing bottled water is sourced from an aquifer deep beneath the Earth, making it one of the purest types of bottled water available. The water itself has a very crisp and clean taste because of its low mineral content. Voss is well known for their glass bottles but they also have plastic bottles that are made from high-quality PET plastic that is BPA free.

  • Highest purity in bottled water brands.
  • Iconic bottle design makes it a favorite.
  • The water has a crisp and refreshing taste.

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10. Aquafina Purified Drinking Water


This refreshing bottled water is the best in the affordable category as it is available readily everywhere for a cheap price. The water itself goes through a detailed purification process that uses seven different filtering methods like reverse osmosis and others. This process removes all harmful substances from the water like salts, chlorides and bacteria, etc.

  • Affordable and readily available.
  • It has a seven-step purification process.
  • It is free from calories.
  • Comes in a variety of bottle sizes.

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11. JUST Water Pure Still Spring Water


The striking packaging in eco-friendly boxes made from plant material is instantly recognizable and 100% recyclable. The water is sourced from an alkaline spring in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

Natural filtration processes such as ozone and UV filtration are used to cleanse the water without losing any of the natural minerals. This bottled water has a pH balance of 8.0.

  • It is natural spring water.
  • It has eco-friendly packaging.
  • The product has a low carbon impact.
  • Naturally filtered using ozone and UV filtration.

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12. Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water


One of the most famous bottled water brands, the French brand Perrier, is known for its green bottles and its naturally carbonated water. The water is bottled directly at its source to preserve the carbonation in Vergèze, in France. It has zero calories and sweeteners making it one of the healthiest sparkling water brands available today.

  • Iconic green Perrier green bottle.
  • BPA-free plastic bottles.
  • Carbonated naturally at the source.
  • Offers a wide variety of flavors.
  • Available in a range of sizes.

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13. Dasani Purified Water


Dasani purified water is one of the most well-known brands of bottled water available today. It is widely available at an affordable price in a variety of different sizes for carrying and storing convenience.

It uses reverse osmosis filtration to completely purify the water of foreign substances and then adds healthy minerals like magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt to the water before bottling it.

  • Affordably priced and widely available.
  • Recyclable bottles are made from recycled PET plastic.
  • Comes in a range of different sizes.
  • Has added minerals for health.

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14. Nestle Pure Life Purified Water


Nestle Pure Life bottled water is known for its crisp and clean taste that is uniquely hydrating and refreshing. It has a very neutral and pleasing taste without the mineral flavor.

The water is carbon filtered to remove any impurities, treated with ultraviolet light and ozone filtering processes and has a unique blend of minerals added to it for complete health and hydration.

  • Easily available at all stores.
  • Added minerals for extra benefit.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • It has affordable pricing.

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15. Mountain Valley Spring Water


This delicious bottled water is one of the oldest bottled water brands in America. It has been helping people stay hydrated since 1871 and the source for its healthy water is a spring in Arkansas.

The aquifer from which the spring originates gives it a naturally high pH balance and if fed through natural rainwater that takes up to 3,500 years to filter through to the aquifer.

  • Crisp and delicious mouthfeel.
  • 100% natural spring water with no additives.
  • Neutralizes highly acidic foods.

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16. Eternal Spring Water


Eternal bottled water is made of naturally alkaline spring water sourced in the Shasta-Trinity Alps in California, United States. It is rich with naturally occurring minerals as spring is made of rainwater that has naturally filtered through layers and layers of ancient rock. It has a smooth flavor and leaves no aftertaste in your mouth. It also comes in a pleasing curved bottle that stands out from other brands.

  • 100% natural spring water.
  • Contains natural electrolytes and minerals.
  • Attractive bottle shape.

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17. Life WTR Purified Water


Life WTR is more like an art piece than simple bottled water. Featuring labels made by 20 upcoming artists in the United States, each bottle is uniquely striking. The water itself is purified using reverse osmosis before being enhanced by added electrolytes and healthy minerals like potassium, magnesium sulfate and bicarbonate. It has a pH range of 6.4 to 7.4 on average and does not contain any of the eight major allergens.

  • Bottled featuring unique artwork.
  • Added electrolytes and minerals for health.

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18. Core Purified Water


A favorite among distance runners and athletes, Core purified water has the distinction of being one of the bottled waters that has a very crisp taste. The water is purified through an extensive seven-step process and is the kind of water you can chug to rehydrate in a hurry. It also has added minerals and electrolytes to help the rehydration process and has a pH balance of 7.4.

  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Has added minerals and electrolytes.
  • The bottle is made from recycled plastic.

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19. Penta Purified Water


Penta bottled water is the only brand in the United States of America to have a 13-step filtration process to remove all impurities and minerals in the water. The filtration uses processes like deionization, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, microfiltration and ozonation to ensure you have a crisp and refreshing taste. It contains no added pH balancers and is bottled using solar energy.

  • Naturally balanced pH between 6.10 to 7.12.
  • BPA and BPS-free bottles.
  • Bottles are 100% recyclable.

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20. Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water


Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water is a refreshing and clean hydrating option that comes from the town of Zephyrhills in Florida. The water in the bottles is sourced from the naturally occurring springs and aquifers in the area, where the water is purified naturally by passing through the limestone deposits in the area.

  • 100% recyclable bottles.
  • All-natural spring water.
  • Clean and crisp taste.

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There you have it, the best and healthiest bottled water available in the United States today. This is an overall list that gives you many different varieties and options to choose from as per your taste and preference!

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  1. Why is Mountain Valley Water number 15 on the list!? It should be much closer to the top, definitely should be listed before ALL of the purified waters!

  2. Very happy to see Aquafina and Dasani make the list. Every month I order, 3 cases of both brands. I like this list. It will be a help in trying other brands.

  3. Im not a water Drinker but i should be so ive been trying different water always if i did drink water it was poland spring Big Mistake! I started drinking icelantic Glacial Best water I’ve ever tasted! Blows away Poland Spring! More Exspensive then Poland Spring but worth it! Has no after taste like Poland Spring! Because its ph is 8.4 Poland spring is 7.4 its a perfect ph level! At 8.4

  4. I have tried some of the watee posted it really help my kidney Im a. Transplant of 4 yrs just trying to have a good bottle of water to keepe for being dehydrated thats my biggest problem

  5. all Spring water is better than any purified water, Nestle, Dasani and Aquafina are the worse! Research R/O tap water is the way to go, don’t have to worry about chemicals from plastics leaking into your drinking water bottle. Sad how America doesn’t really care for our health.

  6. Have you heard of Hallstein Water. It seems they have one of best mineral composition. Not filtered aquifer water

  7. Big guzzle from the spigot of my house through a 100’ foot garden hose is tops in my opinion and is always available. 😏


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